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This morning.

Seating arrangements for today’s Dáil sitting.

Bags the bullpen.

Behold: RS Puppis (or RS Pup) a Cepheid variable star ten times the size and 15,000 times the brightness of our old Sol. It’s around 6500 light years away, and the brightness of RS Pup is one of the reasons we know that. To wit:

As RS Pup pulsates over a period of about 40 days, its regular changes in brightness are also seen along its surrounding nebula delayed in time, effectively a light echo. Using measurements of the time delay and angular size of the nebula, the known speed of light allows astronomers to geometrically determine the distance to RS Pup to be 6,500 light-years, with a remarkably small error of plus or minus 90 light-years. An impressive achievement for stellar astronomy, the echo-measured distance also more accurately establishes the true brightness of RS Pup, and by extension other Cepheid stars, improving the knowledge of distances to galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

(Image: NASAESAHubble Legacy Archive;  Processing & Copyright: Rogelio Bernal Andreo (DeepSkyColors.com))