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Nicola, the Canal donkey on December 3 (top) and today (above).

But for quick-thinking Derek Haughton, the DSPCA and the Fire Brigade who KNOWS what might hNOM OMNOMNOM

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Minutes ago.

Derek Haughton writes:

I’m at the Kylemore  Road bridge at Labra park, Ballyfermot [Dublin]. Donkey stuck in canal. Waiting for DSPCA.

More as we get it.

UPDATE: 12.56pm

update1 update2


Derek writes:

Suffering from severe hypothermia. Back legs are numb. Given up trying to get out. Ringing fire brigade to give a dig out.


Update: 1.45pm

photo 1-5photo 2-4photo 3-1photo 4  Derek writes:

DSPCA and 2 fire engines later, managed to get him out. On the way to a vet and a warm bed. Hopefully he’ll find a nice new home.

Thanks all.


Pics: Derek Haughton