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We promised to keep you up to date with developments concerning Lego the duck.

Lego was lightly crisped during an attempt by fiendish tykes to cook him on a “hot stove”.


Dublin SPCA write:

“Fantastic news! Lego our not so Little Duckling who came into us over a month ago went off to his new home on Saturday. Here’s a very cute video of him (above) having a paddle in the sun…”


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Dublin SPCA writes:

Anyone missing a golden Labrador Male not neutered brought into Fairview Veterinary hospital [Fairview, Dublin] on Saturday… No microchip /collar but has what looks like a clip mark growing back on his right shoulder. He’s about 4-6yrs and is being looked after by Fairview Veterinary Hospital at the moment…


DSPCA (Facebook)



Nicola, the Canal donkey on December 3 (top) and today (above).

But for quick-thinking Derek Haughton, the DSPCA and the Fire Brigade who KNOWS what might hNOM OMNOMNOM

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Minutes ago.

Derek Haughton writes:

I’m at the Kylemore  Road bridge at Labra park, Ballyfermot [Dublin]. Donkey stuck in canal. Waiting for DSPCA.

More as we get it.

UPDATE: 12.56pm

update1 update2


Derek writes:

Suffering from severe hypothermia. Back legs are numb. Given up trying to get out. Ringing fire brigade to give a dig out.


Update: 1.45pm

photo 1-5photo 2-4photo 3-1photo 4  Derek writes:

DSPCA and 2 fire engines later, managed to get him out. On the way to a vet and a warm bed. Hopefully he’ll find a nice new home.

Thanks all.


Pics: Derek Haughton

598802_10151284099645678_186608220_n391896_10151285297235678_759688956_nYou may recall Barney.

Rescued by the DSPCA in January after slipping into the river a water tributary (top) at Kylemore Road in South Dublin.

So badly injured was Barney they only discovered he was a she days later and quickly renamed her Bernie.

It was touch and go for a while but…

1011343_10151574325495678_1891694248_nFrom the DSPCA this morning…

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Barney (Bernie’s)  foal who was born during the night.

DSPCA (Facebook)

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1070011_10151558059115678_285854113_nOr, you know, a temporary home.

A mixture of both would be ideal.

Dublin SPCA writes:

Urgent Urgent! We really need to get this chap out on foster care TODAY! He needs 3 weeks TLC because of cat flu and he had to be shaved because he was very badly matted when he came in. If you can help please, please
contact Barbara on 01 4994503 or foster@dspca.ie ASAP, Thank you





Dublin SPCA sez:

The DSPCA are delighted with the court results from today of an owner of a cat (above) who died due to severe neglect and starvation. Swords District Court found Rudolf Ciskos guilty of mistreating his cat and fined him €200 and court costs of €500 all payable to the DSPCA.

He was also banned from the ownership of any animal for a period of 2 years.
This is a great step forward in court proceedings in a case relating to a cat. The DSPCA is rarely successful in prosecutions around cases dealing with cats as proof of ownership is difficult to prove.
Unfortunately in this case the cat had to be euthanasied by a DSPCA Vet on humane grounds due to the severity of neglect.


Dublin SPCA (Facebook)


His Ma left him.

Dublin SPCA writes:

Shane a baby duckling was collected yesterday in the city centre. Shane’s mom was an unusual black and white mallard duck as opposed to the regular brown kind. The mother duck did a silly thing and nested in an enclosed yard where she could not walk her young back to the park. We presume the other ducklings did not make it as she was only left with one.
Our ambulance driver Gillian Duffy attended the call yesterday but despite all efforts she could not catch the mother duck as she flew off and that left Shane alone.
Shane is now in good company as we have many ducklings in the shelter. When they are big enough we will release them back to the wild. Good luck little man


DSPCA (Facebook)

903020869030207690302082Ruby Johnston with Linus the Irish Wolfhound this morning helping to launch the DSPCA Great Irish Dog Walk this September which will see the LARGEST number of dogs ever gathered together in one location in Ireland.

Organisers hope up to 5,000 dogs will attend the 3km  stroll in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, on September 28.

Five thousand.

We’d take Chompsky, but he hates crowds, other dogs, the Phoenix Park and walking.



A mere something of his former self.

I arrived to the Dublin SPCA with an injured back leg.  It was very bad so the only thing to do was to turn me into a 3 legged kitty!! As you can see from my photo I’be been upgraded from a cone of shame and I’m wearing a very fetching inflatable collar but it’s only while my injuries heal.  I will be able to live a happy & full life even though I only have 3 legs and I can’t wait to find a home where I can rule the roost!

Shadow, this morning (via DSPCA handler).

Three legs.

Handy for the stills photographer.

Shadow (DSPCA)