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An animation showing the 1.255 light second distance between us and the moon (the Sun is about 8 light minutes from us) created by planetary scientist Dr. James O’Donoghue using NASA imagery. and that’s not all. To wit:

This is the distance between the Earth and Moon with the correct sizes and scales. The real-time speed of light is also shown.

(Image: ‘Moonrise over Earth’ by Detlev Van Ravenswaay)


imagery from NASA’s Earth Science & Remote Sensing Unit on board the International Space Station compiled into a cocktail party-friendly 4k edit by Séan Doran, who sez of it:

The length of the film is exactly the length of time it takes ISS to orbit the Earth once, 92 minutes & 39 seconds.


Josh_Keyes_01 Josh_Keyes_02 Josh_Keyes_03 Josh_Keyes_04 Josh_Keyes_05

Acrylic paintings by artist Josh Keyes who sez:

Who is to say what surface is to be kept graffiti clean? My personal concern is that this will be a reality some day and speaks to a larger issue of our relationship with the natural world. The satellite and space graffiti hints that even if we colonize other worlds, what mark will we leave? No matter where we go there is evidence of our presence.

Fair enough.


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 13.55.34

Returning home after a long voyage in space, an astronaut encounters a problem.

An impressive graduation short by Omry Fisher of the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design.


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 23.54.49

A rather charmingly illustrated account by ISS astronaut Leland Melvin of returning from orbit with a new appreciation of the earthly things we take for granted..


Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 13.44.45

A NASA visualisation (using data captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) showing the far side of the moon (not visible from Earth) as it cycles though its phases and libration.

For comparison, here’s the same sequence from the earth’s POV.