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Behold: the dreamlike sculptural forms (in polyester, nylon, and cotton) of Japanese artist and designer Mariko Kusumoto – standalone objects and wearables formed using a proprietary heat setting process to create undulating ripples, coral bubbles and honeycombs filled with mushrooms, rosettes, animals and miniature bicycles.

More of her work here.


The otherworldly, labyrinthine ink drawings of illustrator Song Kang: stream of consciousness bio-architectures and ecosystems about which she admitz:

In one moment, I feel like I’m building a distinct environment one crosshatched pebble at a time. The next moment, I’m clueless with only an impulse and a gut feeling to add something somewhere. One of these spontaneous decisions was choosing to add colour. I was always using black ink, avoiding bright colours out of habit and uncertainty. But during quarantine, I found several colourful ink pens and became curious to see how it would look in my texture-heavy, fine-tuned crosshatched style.


The whimsical face coverings of illustrator Kit Layfield, each connected to collar-mounted contraptions containing fantastical ecosystems. Viral prophylactics? Environmental statements? Expressions of humanity’s simultaneous dependence on and exploitation of the natural world?

Make of them what you will.

More of his work here.