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This afternoon.

County Kildare.

We’d like to remind our new guests that as a trusted Irish news site we can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves or whatever they have planned.


It lasted ‘8-10 minutes’!?



That’s what THEY want you to think!


Parachute flare?

Dredg – Ireland

You have created a falsehood
A focused yet close-minded view
There’s no telling where we’ll be at this same time next year
But I do know one thing it won’t be far from here

Flash Barry writes:

Does anyone know more about this song (above)?  Ireland was from an album called The Pariah, The Parrot and The Delusion (2009) by [alt rock/prog band] Dredg and based on a Salman Rushdie essay.

It’s a cracking tune (lovely break @.34) and the sarcastic lyrics seem to be from the view a person reveling in small town parochial life. There is very little on google about its origins. The singer is called Hayes so that might be a link but they are a born and bred Californian band. Anyone?


ship unnamed

Dublin Port. 4.15 this afternoon.

Michael O’R writes:

One of the joys of where I work (Ringsend) is the view of the fascinating goings on in Dublin Port. Today, I noted a visitor to the port. Several times, these grey ships can be seen calling here, and what they are doing, I never know. Usually foreign flag ships, likely just picking up supplies, possibly dropping men off for medical reasons, who knows?  But given the year that’s in it, I can’t help wondering what is really going on. Especially when they do not show up on the wonderful Marine Traffic tracking website [lower pic with mystery berth ringed]….Admittedly, our own ships never show up on that either, so probably nothing, but never let that get in the way of a good conspiracy theory…