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A shot by  Anna Mantzaris of the Royal College Of Art in  which the protagonists of a series of vignettes give in to their dark impulses.


A short film by Helsinki-based director Lucas Zanotto showcasing nine of his own kinetic sculptures, each one imitating an action associated with the eyes.


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Wise words from the busy notebook of Bruce Lee.

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(Image: Bruce Lee Foundation)

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A collaborative experiment between 14 artists around the globe. To wit:

Each artist creates a background, all backgrounds are traded randomly and then animated upon freely.


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Two of the first ten Star Trek films edited down to just the scenes that contain spaceships by Youtuber Thomas Hunt.

See all ten  from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) to Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)  here.


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All the classic clichés of the 80s action flick recreated in neck snappingly authentic style by Comedy Central’s Key & Peele.