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ooSeExperimental/’dream-hop’ from Cork

What you may need to know…

01. Absorbing elements of experimental, funk, hip-hop, house and math-rock into itself like some sort of beast are Cork folk ooSe.

02. Somehow encompassing all of this into a three-piece, the band first emerged in August of last year, releasing three-track E.P. Ephem.

03. Streaming above is an excerpt from the band’s show at the Triskel Arts Centre, this past September, a taster of their depth in the live field.

04. Gigging next on the 23rd of December, returning to the Triskel, with support from Donal Dineen on the decks, and visuals from Isaac Stillwell.

Verdict: A layered, complex, bewitching, yet seemingly fully-polished proposition. A hidden gem.



Gadget and the CloudLeeside beats and pieces

What you may need to know…

01. Gadget and the Cloud is the nom-de-beats of music journalist and student activist Kelly Doherty.

02. A former blog editor herself, she currently writes for the Belfast’s The Thin Air, inbetween study and her duties with UCC’s SU.

03. Venturing into composition last year as Gadget and the Cloud, she quickly assembled an extended-player, October 31st, for release late last year. Ambience was the name of the game, albeit with drone/sound-art overtones.

04. Streaming above is 3600 Seconds, released last week via her Soundcloud page, and continuing Doherty’s foray into electronica, using cheapo ’90s beats as exposition this time around.

Verdict: Progressing quickly from a subtly evocative debut, Doherty’s explorations of/reflections on various electronic sub-genres are the spirited, impatient noises of an artist experimenting and figuring the next step out.

Gadget and the Cloud

maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-01 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-04 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-02 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-03maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-10 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-07 maison-bernard-renovation-antti-lovag-bubble-house-odile-decq-designboom-11

The extraordinary house designed by Hungarian architect Antii Lovag for the adventurer and philanthropist Pierre Bernard at Théoule Sur Mer in southern France in the 1970s.

Sure you couldn’t miss the place.

Refurbished over the last five years by French architect Odile Decq, the structure was given a vibrant new colour scheme to delineate the various dwelling spaces.

Now for yeh.



Mark Cox writes:

I shan’t try and understand what this is, but a friend of mine, Daniel Nolan has made this beautiful video and I thought you kind folk might enjoy it. He’s a creative young boy is our Daniel.

Daniel sez:

This is my entry into this year’s MEDS workshop, a conceptual video exploring the theme of “reaction”.