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The intricate layered paper dioramas of Japanese artist Ayumi Shibata – some small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, others encased in jars or big enough to step inside. Sez she:

White paper expresses the yang, light, (and) the process to cut expresses the yin, shadow. When the sun shines upon an object, a shadow is born. Front and back, yin and yang, two side(s) of the same coin.

Now for yeh.

More of her work here.


‘Inception’-style visions of Russian cities by Vladimir-based production studio Lestnica – each one anchored by a single architectural feature around which the surrounding cityscape fans outward and upward in melon-twisting fashion.

A software algorithm was applied to cameras in semi-automatic mode to produce thousands of test images from which dozens of hours of work yielded the final composites.

More here.