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3064790-poster-p-1-buzzfeed-has-created-a-new-font-based-on-donald-trumps-crazy-handwriting 3064790-inline-i-1-buzzfeed-has-created-a-new-font-based-on-donald-trumps-crazy-handwriting

Donald Trump’s handwriting recreated as a useable font by Buzzfeed graphic designer Mark Davis.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Tiny Hand Will Be Your New Comic Sans (Buzzfeed)


graf-11 graf-12graf-3graf-4 graf-1graf-2graf-7graf-8

French artist Mathieu Tremblin’s ‘corrections’ of ugly graffiti tags on the streets of Rennes and Arles – crisply legible while retaining the colour, scale and layering of the originals.



John Balfe (via Graeme Kelly) tweetz:

Two things we can learn from this. 1) Metal band typography needs modernising and 2) I want to go see Party Cannon

Bay Area Death Fest