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Behold: the “Zip Fastener Ship’ a sleek silver vessel created in 2004 by Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki parting the surface of Tokyo’s Sumida River. The launch, inspired by a view of the river from a plane flying overhead, has been an annual event since 2018. Suzuki sez of it:

The undertow of the boat, which travels back and forth between Azuma-bashi Bridge and Sakura-bashi Bridge, opened up the water like a zipper to connect the other side of the river. (I hoped) that it would change the way we look at the city landscape.


Behold: the Zeltrini Z-Triton: part houseboat, part micro camper, part electric tricycle.

Capable of a nippy 40km/h on land (given its bulk), the wheels retract and an onboard motor propels the houseboat up to 16 knots (30km/h) on water. Once afloat, electric cells power onboard lights and temperature control, with a  3.6m x 1.2m interior sleeping two in relative comfort.

Price tba.


The 2015 MTI Racing Boat: no ordinary racing boat.

Unless your idea of ordinary is a fully air-conditioned cockpit, a 40,000-watt ‘interior and exterior’ stereo, eight leather seats, video entertainment monitors and LED lighting.

Or the five-point restraints, escape hatches, and integrated roll cage necessitated by a terrifying 156 knot (290km/h, 180mph) top speed, achieved by the joint effort of two 1,350hp QC4V Mercury Racing engines.

In which case, it’s a fairly run of the mill speedboat.

Currently accepting bids.