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The 2015 MTI Racing Boat: no ordinary racing boat.

Unless your idea of ordinary is a fully air-conditioned cockpit, a 40,000-watt ‘interior and exterior’ stereo, eight leather seats, video entertainment monitors and LED lighting.

Or the five-point restraints, escape hatches, and integrated roll cage necessitated by a terrifying 156 knot (290km/h, 180mph) top speed, achieved by the joint effort of two 1,350hp QC4V Mercury Racing engines.

In which case, it’s a fairly run of the mill speedboat.

Currently accepting bids.


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Behold the adorable, aquatic-bumper-car-looking Jet Capsule waterboat, assembled at the renowned Fiart Mare shipyard in Naples.

Taxi, limousine, private runabout, corporate transport, supervillain island shuttle: the boat is available in multiple configurations with rear doors, photochromic windows, a  rooftop that transforms into a sundeck, ‘toilette’ room, rear/sub-cameras, private jet layout, air conditioning, heating and whatever you’re having yourself.


boat2This afternoon.

Shane [at dockside] writes:

You may recall the submerged vessel you featured in August? The boat is being raised today (above). I have spoken to the owner several times over the past few months as he attempted to gather evidence about who sank his boat and also deal with Irish Waterways demands that it be removed. It seems a few local gougers who went aboard and trashed it so bad, it was hulled and then sank – leading to loss of much of his property including possessions of his dead father. Unfortunately the owner has had no luck identifying those involved. To add to his woes he has been given just 1 month by Irish Waterways to remove it – but to where remains currently unknown….


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