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Last night.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

Oh, we’re back.




‘Sam’, aged five, eating as he knelt on a piece of cardboard on Grafton Street last night

The Homeless Street Café is a group of volunteers who offer food, toiletries, clothes and friendship to people who are homeless every Tuesday night on Grafton Street in Dublin.

Last night.

One of the group’s members posted the above picture on the group’s Facebook page with the message:

“There is an image burnt in all the teams’ minds tonight. It’s wrong and it’s distressing but this IS happening and it’s only getting worse each week.

‘Sam’ is 5 and this was him eating a dinner of carbonara tonight on a sheet of cardboard. Can we really accept this?”

Homeless Street Cafe (Facebook)

We have no way of completely verifying the accuracy of the above image but we are taking the homeless café at their word unless we hear otherwise and no ‘clickbait’ motives were behind this post and sorry for upset caused.

H/T: Mick Caul


This afternoon.

The Homeless Street Café has written the following update on their Facebook page:

“Thank you so much everyone for your overwhelming response and for not just accepting that this is ok.

This post has reached over a quarter of a million people which is amazing and we have over a thousand comments and messages to go through.

We are small volunteer group and all our team are back in their day jobs today so please bare with us as we navigate through our next steps.

Our priority as always is continuing to support the homeless who come to us each week and the children among them that “Sam” represents.

**To confirm “Sam” is in emergency accommodation and attends school. His mother is simply trying to access nutritious home cooked meals for him.

Most emergency accommodations strictly forbid cooking or food preparation.”

The Homeless Street Café (Facebook)

Dawson Street, Dublin

Cycling enthusiast Dublin Pedaller has thought of ways in which new bike parking spaces can be provided near Grafton Street in Dublin 2.

They’ve tweeted…


Sauvignon Blanc writes:

For weeks Grafton St. Ireland’s premier shopping street has been covered with a coating of slime and dirt, even though it is the height of the tourist season. On Saturday, the street was at last washed and cleaned. Why did it take the City Council so long to notice the problem? 


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This afternoon.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

Sauvingon Blanc writes:

The song says “ Grafton Street’s a wonderland ..there’s magic in the air”. Sadly the magic has disappeared, and has been replaced with a thick coating of dirt and grime.

What are Dublin City Council doing about it ? Absolutely nothing. Have they even got a machine for cleaning streets?

It’s the height of the tourist season ..10,000 people an hour walk down Grafton Street. Heads should roll because of the inaction of the Council. Please write to them at customerservices@dublincity.ie