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Several Greek myths pared down to their geometric essence by Chris Guyot, John Poon and Stephen Kelleher who sez:

ˇThe challenge was to communicate these complex stories in the most minimal way possible while retaining their essence. By having each vignette loop seamlessly, the timeless and perennial nature of these stories are reinforced. 

More information on the myths featured here.


pichiavo-2 pichiavo-3 pichiavo-4 pichiavo-5 pichiavo-1pichiavo-graffiti-07pichiavo-6 pichiavo-graffiti-05
The work of Spanish street art double act Pichi & Avo, a blend of old school chaos tagging and even older school Greek mythology – all applied with spray paint .

The first gallery show of their work – entitled Urban IconoMythology – goes on exhibition this week (and for the next three months) at Basement Project Room in Fondi, halfway between Rome and Naples, if you’re passing.

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