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Kilkenny-based illustrator and creative professional Alé Mercado has misplaced his eBook. Or more specifically, he did so aboard an Aer Lingus plane.

He’s not best pleased about it, to be honest, and has expressed his growing frustration in an ongoing series of illustrations charting his epic voyage to regain his reader.


…from the unending series of forms that are to be filled in in a customer-service situation…


…to the ebook’s other fates with which his mind is presented…


…to his acceptance of the scale of the quest that awaits him to regain his precious.


And thoughts of how/where the ebook is coping with this transitional period in life.

No word yet, as to whether or not his book has been found.

Alé Mercado

size_comparison___science_fiction_spaceships_by_dirkloechel-d6lfgdfScreen Shot 2014-09-24 at 13.00.19 Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 13.12.10 Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 16.53.39Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 16.52.25 Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 13.01.08
The, ahem, ‘final update’ of German illustrator Dirk Loechel’s humungous spaceship comparison chart.

Dozens of additions and modifications to an already exhaustive array of fictional craft (with the exception of the real world ISS, a yellow-boxed speck on the upper left) from Star Wars, Dune, Warhammer, Independence Day, Mass Effect, Wall-E, Dune, Starfox and many many more.

Previous iteration: Know Your Starships

See the full sized version in all its 4268×5690 glory here.

If you like this sort of thing, you may care to peruse Jeff Russell’s Starship Dimensions and wave goodbye to any plans you might have had for the afternoon.


The Elephants writes:

Just wondering if you could give our illustration exhibition a plug today sometime – it’s in the Motorhouse Gallery in Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park [Dublin] and features work by 9 Dublin based illustrators. All of our previous Dublin shows have been in the Bernard Shaw, so this is a real step up and would love for people to come, it looks amazing!
We’re also selling Christmas cards, all proceeds from the cards will go to Barrretstown.
Opens this evening at 6.30pm – a perfect time to start horsing into free plonk – and runs till early January.

Blind Collective (Facebook)

The posters depict the funniest and most outrageous quotes ever heard from clients.


Sharp Suits, a long over due “exhibition of posters by members of the Irish design and advertising community” depicting life at the suit/creative interface.

During Design Week (Nov 2 – 7) the “posters will be displayed for sale at ‘The Little Green Café, Bar and Gallery, 13 High Street Dublin. All proceeds to Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Thanks Annie West


Nick Hilditch has been illustrating a random tweet every day for the last 392 days. Nick’s friend, Chris Bell, posts the illustrations on their blog, irkafirka.com.

Irkafirka on Twitter