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Life coach Tara Rafter and GAA pundit Joe brolly

Further to a column on the Sunday Independent by by GAA pundit Joe Brolly, where he called life coaching a ‘con job’ and singled out several practitioners, including award-winning coach Tara Rafter.

Mr Brolly claimed life coaches fooled people into “striving for a life of dumb positivity, self-promotion, narcissism and individuality”.

Via The Western People”

Ms Rafter remarked that she recognised the characteristics of a person in pain in Mr Brolly:

I am sending him compassion, healing and love which is why I visited Knock today and purchased a Mass for him.”

Resolving to communicate her thoughts on the column in a letter to the editor of the Sunday Independent, she concluded:

You cannot meet negativity with negativity. If Joe Brolly ever needs a cup of tea and a chat, my door is open,” she concluded.

In fairness.


Joe Brolly Is A Person IN Pain (Western People)

The Navigation Coach


Joe Brolly

Greasy till fumbling latest!

Writing in today’s Irish Independent, GAA analyst Joe Brolly writes:

…Brand experts refer to what is happening with the GAA as ‘cultural expansionism’. The idea is not for the corporation to simply sponsor some event or other, but for the corporation to become so entwined with the culture that it eventually becomes the culture.

In Ireland, we see the same process happening. Sky, with the support of the hierarchy, have already taken a third of the live games away from the vast majority of what Croke Park calls ‘consumers’.

Sky knows it cannot and will not win over the current adult GAA generations. Last year, in Ireland, when 1.35 million viewers watched the football final on RTE, just over 2,000 watched it on Sky.

Sky’s strategy is smart. Forget the adults, go after the youth. As part of this carefully planned invasion of young hearts and minds, they have systematically bought a stable of elite ‘mentors’, which kills three birds with one stone.

It buys off the elite end of the game, as a result it gets the full support of the entirely capitalist GPA, and finally it plays very well with the younger generation, who see their handsome, smiling heroes branded from head to foot in Sky bolloxology – ‘Sky Believe in better’, ‘Sky SPORTS living for Sport’ and all the rest of it …[More at link below]


AIB, Sky and other brands will complete cultural hijacking of the GAA if new Director General doesn’t act (Joe Brolly, Irish Independent)

Pic via Irish Mirror


Marty Morrissey (left) and Joe Brolly

“I have spoken with Joe Brolly about the comments he made in relation to RTE Sport’s GAA Correspondent and commentator Marty Morrissey on last weekend’s Sunday Game Live broadcast. Joe is acutely aware that his ill-conceived attempt at humour was both inappropriate and extremely hurtful and had no place in any broadcast.

Further, Joe is fully cognisant of the fact that similar comments in any future broadcast cannot and will not be tolerated. Joe Brolly has spoken at length with and offered a heartfelt apology to Marty Morrissey which was graciously accepted. All parties now consider this matter closed…”

Ryle Nugent, head of RTÉ Sports this afternoon.


Pix: Balls.ie

BXM1rw9CAAADW1B.jpg largeAnti Racism Protestsjoeb

In his new book Alternative Ulsters BBC NI broadcaster Mark Carruthers interviews a range of public figures and asks them to reflect on their identity.

GAA pundit and Derry footballing legend Joe Brolly is quoted as saying:

“I’m happy to think of myself as Northern Irish”

While journalist and campaigner Eamonn McCann says he takes a slightly perverse pleasure in signing a hotel register

‘Northern Irish’.


Alternative Ulsters by Mark Carruthers (Liberties Press)

Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland, RTE