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Graphic footage from Kiev, Ukraine this morning.

Viewer discretion is advised.

One demonstrator, who gave his name as Andreiy, carried in one body on a green military stretcher. “He died between 90 minutes and two hours ago,” he told a Telegraph reporter. “These are all live rounds. You can see what they do. He and all the others were shot in the head, the neck or the heart. None were shot anywhere else like in the legs.”
Andreiy blamed a “professional” government sniper, citing the accuracy of the shots, most of which were aimed at the head. The government has insisted that its forces have been acting with restraint.

Ukraine protests: 21 killed amid ‘sniper attacks’ as fresh fighting breaks Kiev truce (Telegraph)

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Scenes from Kiev in The Ukraine, from last night and this morning.

Bloomberg reports:

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych threatened to crack down on anti-government protesters after the bloodiest clashes in the country’s three-month standoff killed at least 25 people.

Yanukovych, backed by Russia, is seeking to end the crisis that has destabilized the country of 45 million. Activists last night repelled a police attempt to clear their main protest camp in central Kiev. Hundreds remained on Independence Square this morning, including reinforcements from the western city of Lviv, with squadrons of police ringing their burning barricades.

The opposition is seeking to overturn constitutional changes that strengthened Yanukovych’s powers and to put Ukraine on a path toward EU membership. The standoff began on Nov. 21, when Yanukovych pulled out of a free-trade deal with the EU, opting instead for President Vladimir Putin’s offer of $15 billion of aid and cheaper gas.

Ukraine President Threatens Opposition Amid Civil War Warning (Bloomberg)

Pics via Fútbol Espanol, France 24, AFP Photo, Lord Guevanister, Carles Vinas, Uriks.no, TFHC Saunders