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Temple Bar, Dublin 8.



Sam Boal/RollingNews


Tomorrow night.

At the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin from 6pm – 7.30pm.

An event entitled A Most Violent Year: 2016 US Election Special will be held as part of the gallery’s Design and Violence exhibition – a co-production between the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Science Gallery.

The gallery writes:

How has violence influenced the 2016 US presidential race? As voters take to the polls, our panel of experts will explore the era of Trump and Clinton and the elements of this election that have been designed by violence.

Carole Coleman, former Washington correspondant for RTÉ will be hosting the panel discussion featuring Laura Graham, Assistant Professor of Sociology at TCD, Peter Stone, Ussher Assistant Professor of Political Science at TCD, and Eugenia Siapera, Senior Lecturer, School of Communications at DCU…

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Porcelain punished by Montreal based artist Laurent Craste who sez of his ceramic snuff:

I regard the inventory of original models from the main 18th and 19th century European porcelain manufacturers and use these models as a basis for research on the status of the collectibles, by subjecting them to a practice of deconstruction and violent alteration of their formal structures, or by contaminating their traditional decorations through a subversive process of subject substitution.

Fair enough.


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TIME video examines the context and targets of the rising incidence of violence at Donald Trump rallies. To wit:

This year the spectacles around Donald Trump rallies have seen blood spilled and faces bashed; signs ripped and flags burned. In November, the country will settle its differences at the ballot box. But until then, the fight could continue to be an ugly one.