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Warm lager of the gods.



Guinness Blonde.

They said it shouldn’t be done again.

They might have been WRONG.

Via Thrillist.com:

“The Blonde American Lager is nothing like the Guinness you know, but also strangely similar somehow.
Crisp. The Blonde American Lager is super refreshing in all the ways a stout can’t be. For one thing, it actually feels cold — something Draught barely ever does, to me — and it bites with a little citrus on the way down.
“Fast”. That’s how master brewer Joe Gruss describes the Blonde’s finish. He means the aftertaste vanishes almost immediately, leaving your palate clean for the next sip. After a bunch of “next sips”, I humbly concur. The man’s a wizard.
Guinness-ness. It’s odd, but in each sip of Blonde, there did seem to be an echo of that wholesome taste Draught is known for. Gruss calls that “Guinness-ness”. Blonde’s finish, he says, is “biscuity”. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean you get a biscuit every time you finish one. Go ahead and grab another beer instead….”


Guiness Is Pouring Its First Light Lager In Decades – and we taste tested it (Thrillist)

Thanks Barry H