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Mattress Mick

Humans of Dublin is an ongoing project by photographer Peter Varga comprising portraits and short quotes about anything from passers by on Dublin streets

Pete recently photographed Dublin bedding baron Mattress Mick who proved his humaneness with the following:

“When I was in my late teens I met a girl, and she became very, very special to me. She was my first love. We were together for quite a while, but I guess we were just too young… We met too early. She wanted to do other things, so she decided to go different ways. We kept in touch on and off for a long time, but after that, I hadn’t seen her for years.”

“I knew she got married, I knew she had children. Some of her friends kept in touch with me, so I always knew what was going on. She was always very special to me, and never really left my thoughts. A few years later somebody told me she developed cancer.”

“I actually met her about two years before she died. Her friends organised a reunion but I didn’t think it’d be the last time I saw her. One Sunday afternoon, out of the blue, a friend of hers called me and said, ‘Hi Michael, I have someone here that wants to talk to you.’ She said, ‘Hi, it’s me, Kathy. I just would like to say goodbye. I know I’m going to die soon, and I wanted to let you know you were very special in my life too.'”

“Every time I think about that phone call I get very sad. It was the nicest phone call I have ever received in my whole life. It meant so much to me. That someone who knew they were terminally ill and hadn’t a lot of time could actually think about me, and tell me that… I guess it is true, it’s never too late to tell somebody how you feel. She died that week, but she’ll always be in that very special place in my heart.”

Mattress Mick (Humans of Dublin)



Mattress Mick and Mrs Mick, happily married for over 30 years.

Until she read the above


Pic: VIP magazine

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Richie Kavanagh and Mattress Mick.

They’re planning to create a music video together (via a crowd funding campaign)


It’s being touted as the “craziest music video the Irish music industry will have ever seen.”

Paul Kelly, from Shoot Audition, writes:

This is a recording from Newstalk 106-108fm’s [Sean] Moncrieff show with Emmet Ryan. Emmet chats about our new project – Mattress Mick and Richie Kavanagh’s new music video.

Shoot Audition (Facebook)



This morning.

Pearse Station, Dublin

Mattress Mick reading James Joyce’s Ulysses to unidentified straw-hatted model in bed on Platform 1.

Best June 16 ever.

Pic: Ianród Éireann


Stop that.

Mattress Mick and model Lynn Kelly unveiling Goal Duvet Day asking people to bring in their duvet to work inviting organisations to raffle an extra day of annual leave for staff.

Any excuse.

Goal Duvet Day



Ah here.

Spring-testing Mattress Mick groupies join the bed-in.

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

Join the queue.

Stephen Fry (currently filming a Jane Austen period drama in Dublin) joins the flock.

Gwan the Mick.

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“Mattress Mick sees himself at the forefront of the recovery of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger–mauled economy. “Mattress Mick is here to help the Irish people get a good night’s sleep,” he tells me, speaking of Mattress Mick as a character, not in first person (his real name is Michael Flynn). “Irish-made mattresses are the best-made in the world, and I wanted to get across the message that if you sleep well at night you can come back fighting every morning. We can get Ireland back on its feet.” His own best advertisement, Mick has turned himself into a living, walking meme on a shoestring marketing budget.”

The Mattress King of Dublin (Vice)

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Pic: Vice



Further to the viral success of Mattress Mick’s latest, comparatively high-budget and most successful video (above) to date.

And a memorable appearance on Derek Mooney’s RTÉ Radio 1 show yesterday.

Mick didn”t get where he is today on his own you know.

Often overlooked in all the hoopla is Paul Kelly (above arrowed) whose video company ‘Shoot Audition’ is set up in the back of the Mattress Mick store in Pearse Street, Dublin.

Paul writes:

“Just when I finished my film making courses in the Irish Film Academy. I was in the Yacht [pub] in Clontarf with a few of my friends, Jenny Dixon from [RTÉ’s] Fair City being one of my them.
It had been over 20 years since I met Mick and I was telling him what I was doing. Mick asked would I do videos to help his business. I smiled at Mick and told him we will make crazy marketing videos for youtube that won’t cost a lot. I told him I am going to Americanise you, put your face out there and make people laugh. That was three years ago. Today, all our dreams have come true…”

Fair play in fairness.

Shoot Audition

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