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‘Yuve Yuve Yu’ – The Hu

Give it a minute to get going.

The tradcore stylings of Mongolian metallers The Hu Band, who combine Western rock played on traditional instruments like the horsehead fiddle [morin khuur], Jew’s Harp [tumin khuur] and Mongolian guitar [tovshuur]) with Tuvan throat singing.

Mmm. Pitchy.




Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan’s proposed trip, and Mr Flanagan

Freedom of Information sleuth Ken Foxe writes:

Foreign Affairs minister Charlie Flanagan had his wings clipped by the Department of the Taoiseach after requesting use of the government jet for an epic voyage to a conference in Asia.

Mr Flanagan had sought use of the government’s €3,780-an-hour Learjet for a trip to Ulaanbaatar, which would have involved no less than eight separate individual flights.

The minister was planning to attend an Asia-Europe conference in Mongolia but was in a rush back to Europe to attend a meeting in Brussels, FOI documents have shown.

To try and fit both events in, the Department of Foreign Affairs came up with a convoluted flight plan which would have taken Mr Flanagan first to Finland, before two separate stop-overs in Russia, before final arrival in Mongolia fourteen hours later.

The government’s only executive aircraft – an €8 million Learjet – has a flying range that brings it just three hours in the air before it requires refuelling.

Department of Taoiseach refuse Minister Charlie Flanagan’s request for €90k flight on government jet to Mongolia (Ken Foxe)

Pics: Ken Foxe, Rollingnews

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Ciaran Hussey writes:

After spending two years living in Japan, myself and my girlfriend are on our way home to Ireland by bicycle! We’ve just completed the Mongolian leg of our journey. Check out our photo blog here.

G’wan the skinny dandy-horse jockeys!



A Mongolian Irish trad mash-up.

Paddy Hayes writes:

Irish Fiddler Daire Bracken embarks on a musical pilgrimage to Mongolia in pursuit of the horse-head fiddle. This extract features him jamming with UlaanBaatar [Mongolia capital]  group Jonon.

Ceolchuairt on TG4 next Tuesday 9.30pm