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A fibreglass and epoxy resin, lunar-lander-legged coffee table tribute to the Apollo missions by French design studio HAROW recreated using digital files from the NASA lunar archive.


luke-jerram-museum-of-the-moon-designboom-014 luke-jerram-museum-of-the-moon-designboom-010 luke-jerram-museum-of-the-moon-designboom-08 luke-jerram-museum-of-the-moon-designboom-05 luke-jerram-museum-of-the-moon-designboom-03

A world-touring installation created by Bristol based artist Luke Jerram – a seven metre  (1:500,000 scale) diameter model of the moon illustrated with detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface, illuminated from within and displayed in various outdoor and indoor locations.


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Area 51.

A Sunday outing for Neil, Mick and Buzz, July 20th, 1969.

Stanley Kubrick (out of picture).

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