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Stunning ultra slow motion (3,200 fps) footage of unusual insects taking flight recorded and narrated by Professor Adrian Smith of NC State University who used a blacklight to attract exotic species like the plume moth, eastern firefly and the rosy maple moth, which he describes as a ‘flying Muppet’.



butterflyalphabet1sssIn the course of research for the Smithsonian Institute in the 1980s, Kjell Sandved saw the letter ‘F’ in the markings of a butterfly wing.

Over the next 24 years, he found the entire alphabet and the first ten numbers on moth and butterfly wings, in the process becoming an accomplished wildlife photographer and author. The results of the Butterfly Alphabet project were published in a 1996 book which is also available as an art print.

He’s also done a pareidolic Nature Alphabet of plants and flowers.