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Designer neckwear.

To your Ma’s door by Mother’s Day (next Sunday, March 11).

Heather Finn writes:

Joyful, hand-loomed knitwear in a rainbow of colour. Knit from the softest cashmere and lambswool yarn. Designed and made in Dublin. Candy stripe, Lemon drop, Happy stripe or beach stripe!

Yours for 60.

She is worth it.

Heather Finn Knitwear

Irish-made Mother’s Day stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Mother’s Day stuff’. No fee.


Buy her Irish-made stuff.

Judith Richie writes:

I wanted to let your readers know to let you know about a 2 day pop up shop that’s taking place later this week, to coincide with Mother’s Day, organised by Carousel – a group of independent female Irish designers.

The boutique pop-up shop takes place at The Library Project, Temple Bar, Dublin on Friday March 24 (10am – 8pm) and Saturday 25th (10am – 5.30pm) March 2017.

Carousel is a group of resourceful and talented Irish female designers from various disciplines including fashion, jewellery, home and giftware, coming together to create boutique showroom events while also fostering an environment of common purpose, sharing and growth for like-minded designers.


Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Stuff’

Floral Collar in Feather by Aine Knitwear
telephoneboxBrown Bull of Cooley Apron by Duinn Designs(1)Go On Go On Teapot by Bog BuddiesA Soft Day Candle by SoilseThanks Mum by Fab Cow Design

Irish-made gift ideas for Mother’s Day this Sunday, March 6.

But hurry.

They will ship TODAY!

Charmaine Kenny writes:

You might remember that The Irish Workshop launched only a few months ago – we provide a platform for shoppers to buy directly from the workshops of Irish makers, designers and craftspeople. Above (with details below) are six ideas for Irish-made Mother’s Day Gifts. Items can be ordered by clicking the links.

1. For the Style Queen Mammy: She might be your mother, but she still appreciates a bit of sch-tyle! Áine Knitwear’s range of contemporary Irish knitwear is a real hit with Irish mammies.

2. For the Mammy Who Loves to Talk: Dublin artist Orla Walsh pays homage to the Irish Telefón boxes that only two decades ago sprinkled the Irish countryside with these awesome limited edition pop-art prints.

3. For the Chef Mammy: Remember that old Irish myth of The Brown Bull of Cooley? It was the one where Queen Maeve of Connacht desires to have a bull to match that of her rival, and Cuchulainn gets involved and is forced to kill his best friend Ferdia. All very tragic but it teaches us about the futility of war and the worthlessness of possessions. Anyway…. this beautiful Apron designed by Dúinn Designs is a modern nod to this old epic tale, and a great way to encourage your Mammy to cook up another Sunday roast.

4. For the Mrs. Doyle Mammy: Ah go on…. go on, go on, go on, sure you’ll have a cup of tea…. This teapot picture is made from turf in Co.Roscommon by Bog Buddies and can be customized to say whatever you want. Extra thoughtful Mother’s Day gift = extra brownie points.

5. For the “Hard-to-Buy-For” Mammy: You can never go wrong by gifting a candle. Meath-based Soilse has taken fragrances of Ireland and captured them in a gorgeous range of scented candles – choose from: A Soft Day, Connemara Mist, Donegal Dew, Wild West Cork and My Mother’s Garden.

6. For every Mammy: Fab Cow Design have managed to capture into words all that we want to say but don’t say.

The Irish Workshop


A bouquet from award-winning Flowers by Moira and a box of LIndt Lindor chocolates all delivered to YOUR ma before Sunday were on offer.

We asked first for an apology to your Mother for any outstanding misdemeanors, uncouth behaviour or simple petty purse larceny.

You answered in your dozens.

Runners up:

Menace: “I had a gaff party about ten years ago ago and one of my friends leaned against our wall and it fell over. She blamed a delivery van as well as the craftsmanship of those who built it after I had pieced it back together without cement and left it until she noticed it 6 months later. Sorry ma!”

Cool_Hand_Lucan: “I would like to apologise to my mother because I robbed £10 from her handbag when she was asleep to pay for a taxi for my drunken teenage girlfriend to get home after said girlfriend raided my mother’s drinks cabinet. Sorry mum!”

ahjayzis: “Christmas I shamed her after finding three empty boxes of this exact chocolate stowed under her bed from where she spent all of Stephen’s Day recuperating from the dinner making day before…

schweddy: I would like to apologise to my mother because about once every 2 months I visit my parents and spend a weekend eating them out of house and home! And the mother makes her lasagne (my favourite meal of hers) when she knows I’m coming home which is just a really thoughtful mammy thing to do!”

Pray For Mojo: “I would like to apologise to my mother for hiding her hairbrush when I was eight- I could not handle another tortuous round of “detangling”. Jaysus I was a right little b. Sorry mammy.”

LeDubFrog: “I would like to apologise to my mother because no parent needs to find their son asleep on the kitchen table, clad only in his boxers, in the early hours of a Tuesday morning.”


Garthicus:“I would like to apologise to my mother because the money I would have spent on her flowers and chocs went on a Cheltenham accumulator that was set to win until Annie Power fell at the last fence, now she’ll have to settle for a handshake unless I win this super prize :-)”

Thanks all.

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Thanks Joanne