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Members of the Notre Dame College football team at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin, this afternoon ahead of Saturday’s match against Navy.

Update: those boots are a limited edition designed by Notre Dame and made by Adidas America specifically for Saturday’s match.:

Notre Dame To Wear Cleats Resembling irish Flag (USA Today)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

Some septic tanks from Notre Dame,
Are all coming here for a game,
And yet nobody knows,
The name of their foes,
Which I think is rather a shame.

John Moynes

Unless you can do better (with the same subject)?

Oh yes, it’s a Thursday ‘Rick Off.

A prize [we are currently sourcing] for the limerick judged ‘finest’.

Lines close at 1pm



The winner

The yanks are back in the auld sod
To play their football so odd
But while they’re all cheering
The locals are sneering
Cos Céad Míle Fáilte’s a fraud.


Runner Up

Though not fans of the Yanks on the whole,
This old nonsense has tickled the soul.
They’ve caught “football” fever,
And they’ll pack the Aviva,
Yet they wonder, “Who the hell is in goal?”

The Old Boy


Honourable mention

Once again, it’s the great Gary Flood,
Drawing more winning limerick blood,
They appeal to the masses,
Except for the asses,
Whom he brings down to earth with a thud…



ZipAhDeeDooDah was disqualified because Gary Flood is not a game of football between Notre Dame and Navy.