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The votes are in.

Last week, with TWO free passes to any ODEON cinema during awards season on offer, we asked you to name the worst Best Film Oscar winner.

You answered in your tens.

But there could be only two winners.Runners up

Jonboy:’ Driving Miss Daisy (1989) was terrible sentimental garbage but the bigger crime is that Born On The Fourth of July was nominated the same year. Bonus terrible decision, Do the Right Thing wasn’t even nominated that year.’

Con Kennedy: ‘Birdman (2014). Jesus! Sad retired batman!I gave up on it!’

Daisy Chainsaw:The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). 87 hours of my life I’m never getting back. The bird couldn’t have dropped the ring into the volcano during the first film?’

: ‘In 1984 Amadeus beat The Killing Fields . A movie about a rival composers with ham-fisted and camp acting beat a movie that laid bare the torment of the victims of the Khmer Rouge. The latter film made me cry at 19 years of age and again as I saw it years later.’

Louis Le Fronde: ‘Titanic (1997)….Do I even need to explain why? I watched it once in the Savoy, and that was enough! L.A. Confidential should have won.’

Axelf: ‘Has to be Shiteanic. dear god its so bad i was cheering for the iceberg.’

Jeremy Kyle: ‘Has to be Crash (2004). Sandra Bullock plays a racist, but then she falls down the stairs and stops being a racist.

Col:Wings, 1927. Nobody says a word throughout the whole thing.’



The Old Boy: ‘How Green Was My Valley (1941) – Hokey, maudlin, cloyingly sentimental and containing some of the most atrocious Welsh accents ever committed to celluloid, not to mention the fact that it beat The Maltese Falcon and, er, Citizen Kane.’

class wario: ‘Green Book (2018). A story full of potential reduced down to a tonally all over the place, often totally saccharine, piece of totally harmless cinema. The whole thing feels like a reskinned buddy cop film at times. The two main characters do what they can with what they’re given and it’s hard not to enjoy it on some level but so much wasted potential. It’s not a great sign when the superhero movie nominated the same year takes a more complex look at racial politics in the US!’

Thanks all.

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Limitless Card (ODEON)


Former Dublin GAA captain Bryan Cullen at ODEON Cinema, Point Village with Morgan Freeman Savannah Keogh, Summer O Callaghan and Charlie O Reilly from St. Audoens NS, Dublin 8.

Following last week’s Odeon Cinemas 2015 All-Ireland Final competition to find the best fantasy GAA movie.

The winners of TWO family passes to the screening of Sunday’s All-Ireland at Odeon cinemas near them are:

The Mighty One – “The GAA, The Bad and the Ugly”; But Ruffage “Cúl Hand Luke”

Close calls but later ruled out by hawk-eye:

Brian Melvin“The Inglorius Bastick”; Watermeters“Fast and Furiouser”; Scottser“Black Card Down”; MickyD“One Flew Over The Canal End”; Streetwise Here“Hamburger Hill 16”; Stephen“Hurl Interrupted”; Spaghetti Hoop“Breaking Bad Ball” and Murtles“The Bruise Brothers”.

Thanks all.

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