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Behold: Phobos – the largest and innermost of Mars’ two moons. Also the darkest one in the entire solar system. Why? To wit:

Its unusual orbit and colour indicate that it may be a captured asteroid composed of a mixture of ice and dark rock. The featured picture of Phobos near the limb of Mars was captured in 2010 by the robot spacecraft Mars Express currently orbiting Mars. Phobos is a heavily cratered and barren moon, with its largest crater located on the far side. From images like this, Phobos has been determined to be covered by perhaps a meter of loose dust. Phobos orbits so close to Mars that from some places it would appear to rise and set twice a day, but from other places it would not be visible at all. Phobos‘ orbit around Mars is continually decaying — it will likely break up with pieces crashing to the Martian surface in about 50 million years.

(Image: G. Neukum (FU Berlin) et al., Mars Express, DLR, ESA; Acknowledgement: Peter Masek)



Instagrams of deceptively genuinely mundane things people did TODAY culled from the #Oneday Twitter feed.

The brainchild of Newstalk’s Jessica Kelly.

Who explains:

“The majority of people use Instagram to show off; it tends to be “oh look, I’m having a cocktail in New York at 4pm on a Wednesday”. I was literally sitting in work last Wednesday swearing under my breath at how perfect the lives of everyone on Instagram seem to be. That’s not real life. #OneDay I want to see someone put a filter on an image of a coffee stain down the front of their shirt or trying to put their make up on whilst on the Luas. In the dark.”

Damn post-modern non-hipsters.

More here: My #OneDay Looked Like This (Jessica Kelly, Random Ramblings)

Alfred Hitchcock                                                       Einstein in his beach sandals

Stevie Wonder and Grover

Michael Jackson and Steve Tyler

Christoper Walken                                                       Nancy Reagan and Mr T (1983)

Keith Richards, Tina Turner and David Bowie (1983)

This Is Not Porn is a fully searchable, regularly updated website dedicated to ‘rare and beautiful celebrity photos’. The examples above are just a taster.

It’s superb. Bookmark it. Bookmark it now.

Just four of the entries from National Geographic’s 2010 photo contest.

From top to bottom: a supercell thunderstorm in Montana (Sean Heavey); a terrifying face-off between two baboons (Sharon Raoli); lightning strikes the Center Building in downtown Hong Kong (Michael Siward), and a giant Blue Heron picks up lunch (Linh Dinh).

Giant, mind-melting 47 pic gallery here.

Good luck choosing a winner from this lot, Nat Geo.