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a-street-in-kairwan porte-franc%cc%a7aise-tunis bedouin-woman-tunis tunis souc-el-trouk-tunis snake-charmer-tunis private-drawing-room-kasr-el-said cathedral-of-st-louis-carthagea-family-of-bedouin-beggars-tunis

Colourised Photochrom postcards of daily life in colonial Tunisia at the end of the 19th century entitled “Views of Architecture and People in Tunisia” from the catalog of the US Library of Congress.

Above: a street in Kairwan in 1899; Porte Française, Tunis; Bedouin woman; Arab men; Souc-el-Trouk, Tunis; crowds gather around a snake charmer; Private drawing room, Kasr-el-Said; Cathedral of St. Louis, Carthage and a family of Bedouin beggars, Tunis.

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Made to order hate mail from London based illustrator Mr Bingo who, for several years now, has offered to deride, dismiss and disrespect recipients via post.

Though currently  sold out, the definitive collection is currently massively oversubscribed on Kickstarter.

A recent exhibition at Norwich ‘received mixed reviews from the artist himself.’

As you’d expect.