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‘Ekstasis’ by Julia Holter reviewed by Jordan Crok and Brent Ables at Cokemachineglow:

The remarkable new album by Julia Holter unfolds within the space of a difference: “This is not ekstasis / This is ecstasy,” a difference of expression that is more profoundly a difference in our being—or rather, the difference that is our being, that scatters us from ourselves and thereby sanctions our existence. This is ekstasis, literally “being outside oneself,” as it was first defined by the ancient Greeks and again by their great student Martin Heidegger (who also called it transcendence): as always already concerned and involved with a world that is “other” and cast beyond ourselves into a past that is no longer and a future that is not yet, we step out of the stasis proper to natural beings and enter into the distinctive play of presence and absence that is proper to human existence.

Oh that’s nothing.


Poster Cred: Seattle-based designer Joseph King’s absurdist satire on the pretentious habit of contemporary designers who display work by photographing themselves holding it up as ‘worthy to be presented’.

You can request the Poster Cred stickers (top pic) via King’s webpage and present your own masterpiece to the gallery of mock.