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Simon Judge tweetz:

Sick and tired of near misses from reckless taxi drivers in #Dublin – this guy came within a whisker of hitting me on Nassau St then got super aggressive when I called him on it at the next red light.



Free the lanes.

In Scotland…

Breakingnews.ie reports:

A new factory dedicated to turning plastic waste into material for roads and car parks has opened, as part of efforts to tackle ocean pollution.

MacRebur opened its site in Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway, today, creating 12 jobs.

The process the firm uses sees rubbish granulated, mixed with an activator developed by the company, and then distributed to asphalt producers.

In fairness.

New factory opens to turn plastic waste into road surfacing (Breakingnews.ie)


With full orchestra?

Fiona Hallinan writes:

I wanted to bring your attention to a project I’m initiating, called Heterodyne. It’s a concept that involves inviting composers and musicians to ‘score’ roads, creating site-specific compositions for driving in Ireland and ultimately internationally.
The idea is you can traverse a landscape with a piece of music that has been made for it, creating a cinematic experience out of a seemingly ordinary journey. Its also meant to as a new commissioning platform for musicians.
Right now I have commissioned five composers whose work I really admire: Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh, Brendan William Jenkinson, Arrow Shower, Cian Nugent and Chequerboard, to score the Military Road in County Wicklow.
This first version will be funded by a Fund-it campaign. It would be amazing if you could post it and help me to spread the idea, as it’s critical that this first version gets funded but equally importantly, seen.