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Still images of water photographed by Ray Collins, transformed into mesmerising animated cinemagraphs by Rotterdam-based photographer Armand Dijcks.

Full screen for optimum effect.

More here.


Mar Derrame Espuma Cocos2-up Algas Brotes
Washed Up: an ongoing project at the protected Sian Ka’an reserve in Mexico by artist Alejandro Duran, who collects the plastic detritus washed up on the Carribbean coast, grading and rearranging it (in rather pleasing ways) to draw attention to ocean pollution.


wave-1 wave-1-detailwave-2 wave-5 wave-3
Images of waves crashing on the Nantucket shore in Massachussetts last week by photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh, who noticed that, while not completely frozen in the -7°C conditions, the sea was thick with ice fragments, causing the waves to move as if they had the consistency of Slushy.

MORE: The Slurpee Waves of Nantucket (Stay Wild Magazine)


table-11 table-21 table-31 table-51 table-61
Like Greg Klassen’s excellent river and lake furniture, the Abyss table by Duffy London also evokes marine topography, in this case, an unspecified section of am unspecified ocean in layered wood and perspex.

The images above are only digital representations of the as yet unmade tables.

The effect is lovely. The production run is limited to 25. The abyss into which your wallet will plummet, judicious buyer, is €5,800 deep.


samanthakeelysmith2 samanthakeelysmith4 samanthakeelysmith9 samanthakeelysmith10 samanthakeelysmith11 samanthakeelysmith12 samanthakeelysmith13
New York based artist Samantha Keely Smith’s multilayered abstract ‘seascapes’ that are not in fact seascapes. In an interview with Never Lazy magazine she described them as:

…not at all real places or even inspired by real places. They are emotional and psychological places. Internal landscapes, if you will. The tidal pull and power of the ocean makes sense to me in terms of expressing these things, and I think that is why some of the work has a feel of water about it. My work speaks of things that are timeless, and I think that for most of us the ocean represents something timeless.


cuba-1 cuba-6 cuba-5 cuba-3 cuba-2Kiwi photographer Andrew Smith’s idyllic shots of ocean landscapes around his New Zealand home. As detailed in his Before And After Lightroom Blog, all photos are shot with a NikonD800 and processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Hundreds more sumptuous shots here.



The latest installment of illustrator and animator Andy Martin’s Illustrated Aliens project.

Andy writes:

If you have 42 seconds to spare today, you could spend some time under the waters of Planet Five. From a single cell, one creature evolves into the next and for a fleeting moment the darkest depths of the sea are transformed by a dazzling display of light and colour.

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hengki-6 artlimited_img224642 tumblr_mjnrncqSKw1r0i205o6_1280 hengki-5hengki-7hengki-1 hengki-4 hengki-3 hengki-2Desaturated black and white photographs taken off the coast of Jakarta by Indonesian photographer Hengki Koentjoro.

An atmospheric, ominous take on a world normally seen in vibrant colour.

More of his work here, here and here.


wave9 wave carreau-7 carreau-6 carreau-5 carreau-3 carreau-1Parisian photographer Pierre Carreau’s spectacular high-speed macro and wide-angle lens studies of ocean waves, apparently frozen in time.

More at  Carreau’s website.