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By animator Yukai Du. To wit:

This animation is based on a familiar game — Musical Chairs. The main character in this animation represents the human race. The human, in his selfish ways, discovers that he can’t bear the consequences of his own actions. This animation is also trying to depict a society in which people constantly want to get more and more to fulfill their insatiable desires. Maybe the humans win, but perhaps they lose something of greater importance.


Trekkies will recognise Omicron Theta as a star planet in the Star Trek galaxy so we’re hoping, nay praying, that this is a wind up.


YOU decide.

From Rachel Lavin and Gareth Gregan at The University Times:

The University Times has learned of a plan to set up an élite fraternity, officially called “Theta Omicron” but privately referred to as “The Dynasty”, in Trinity College.The first evidence of the fraternity on campus came when a group of male students appeared in the Cancer Society’s annual naked calender under the title “all shall soon be revealed”.

Somebody get Chompsky’s toga.

Introducing Trinity’s Frat Pack (Rachel Lavin and Gareth Gregan University Times) 

Thanks Ronan and Max