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The launch of the ‘Loving 30 campaign’ featuring Lord Mayor Hazel Chu (top right) with Millie Rose Mangan (top left) and Juliet Mangan (top centre).


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Dublin City Council is inviting members of the public to provide feedback on a proposal to have a default 30km per hour speed limit across most areas of the city.

Via Dublin City Council:

The Non-Statutory public consultation opens on Friday, 9th April until Friday, 23rd April 2021. Members of the public are asked to make their submissions on Dublin City Council’s Consultation Hub *at link below) or email speedreview@dublincity.ie

All submissions will be reviewed and taken into consideration ahead of a final decision being made to extend the 30km/h speed limit.

A report will then be prepared and presented the Traffic & Transport Strategic Policy Committee on the 25th May 2021. The report will also be presented at the City Council Monthly Meeting on the 14th of June 2021 for approval to carry out a 6 – week Statutory Public Consultation process to amend the existing Speed Bye-Laws….


Speed Review (Dublin City Council)

Pics: Conor McCabe

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Is there anyone in authority to call a halt to the insanity of the new city-wide 30km/h (19 mph) limit to be fully rolled out by 2018? It is hard to believe anyone who has ever driven a car thought this was a reasonable measure. Why not 10mph? Why not 5 mph? How about we all just walk? Or maybe just stay at home? Or maybe in bed?

John O’Donovan,
Dublin 6.

30km/h speed limit for Dublin (Irish Times)

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