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From top: Sydney Queer Irish’s award; Above from left Jane Connolly, Loretta Cosgrove, Nicola Freyne, Lorna Markey Hennessy and Kate Rawlins of the Irish float parade team.


Lorna writes:

The [Viking-themed] Irish float by Queer Irish Sydney picked up the Best Float Design award at the Mardi Gras awards ceremony last Monday night at the Beresford Hotel, Sydney….

 Here‘s a flavour of that float.

Lovely plumage, In fairness.

Sydney Queer Irish (Facebook)

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.45.12_79731106_sydney_cafe_hostages_624map

Picture of a gunman apparently holding a hostage in Lindt café, Sydney and a Google Earth image of the area where a siege is taking place

BBC reports:

“A gunman is holding staff and customers hostage at a cafe in Sydney, Australia. The Lindt cafe in the city centre is surrounded by armed police. Officers have made contact with the gunman. Five people have been seen running from the building. It is not clear how many remain inside. A black Islamic flag has been displayed at the window.”

“About six hours into the siege, three people were seen running from the building housing the cafe. Two more people followed about an hour later. It is not clear whether they escaped or were released.

Sydney siege: Hostages held in Lindt café (BBC)

Martin Place siege: Sydney CBD cafe workers held up (The Australian)

Pics: News Corp and BBC

Thanks Mark Geary


Darren Conlon (above, second left) writes:

I emigrated to Australia from Ireland over 15 years ago, before it was fashionable and all (!). I am currently involved in a by-election for the State Seat of Sydney, NSW Australia.
The front-runner in the election is one Alex Greenwich (he’s second right in the photo above), who has been heavily involved in the Australian Marriage Equality campaign for the last 5 years.
There is currently no marriage equality in Australia and this necessitated Alex having to marry his same-sex partner overseas. If Alex wins he will become the first member of the NSW parliament in a same-sex marriage.
His website is at AlexGreenwich.com The election is in less than 24 hours so we would love a shout-out if possible.


‘Sydney Deserves A Strong Voice’ – Greenwich (GayNewsNetwork)

Can’t blame him really…

A Fianna Fáil councillor who has been representing his Wexford constituency while living in Sydney has told the Irish Echo he will resign this month. Kevin Dwyer (above), an elected member of New Ross town council, emigrated to Australia in September 2011 but continued to retain his seat.

Sydney-Based Wexford Council Member Vows To Resign (Irish Echo)

(Thanks Mark Geary)

Jeff Bertram writes:

How about a tribute post for Tressa Walsh [above]? Two years ago she spoke about the man that killed her son, saying that he was very unlucky and she didn’t want him to serve time in prison. And she reiterated that yesterday at the conclusion of the trial. What remarkable dignity…

Sydney Man Acquitted Of 2009 Murder (Irish Times)