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Lord Of The Rings fan? Stickler for detail? Today’s your lucky day.

In the first instalment of a 6-part series on his superbly named blog ‘A Collection Of Unmitigated Pedantry’, military historian Bret Devereaux takes a very close look indeed at the Siege Of Gondor in Peter Jackson’s ‘Return Of The King’. To wit:

The army Sauron sends against Minas Tirith is absolutely vast – an army so vast that it cannot fit its entire force in the available frontage, so the army ends up stacking up in front of the city:

The books are vague on the total size of the orcish host (but we’ll come back to this), but interview material for the movies suggests that Peter Jackson’s CGI team assumed around 200,000 orcs.  This army has to exit Minas Morgul – apparently as a single group – and then follow the road to the crossing at Osgiliath.  Is this operational plan reasonable, from a transit perspective?

In a word: no.  

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Shooting, explosions heard at French siege (RTE News) Pic via RTE News UPDATE:


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.45.12_79731106_sydney_cafe_hostages_624map

Picture of a gunman apparently holding a hostage in Lindt café, Sydney and a Google Earth image of the area where a siege is taking place

BBC reports:

“A gunman is holding staff and customers hostage at a cafe in Sydney, Australia. The Lindt cafe in the city centre is surrounded by armed police. Officers have made contact with the gunman. Five people have been seen running from the building. It is not clear how many remain inside. A black Islamic flag has been displayed at the window.”

“About six hours into the siege, three people were seen running from the building housing the cafe. Two more people followed about an hour later. It is not clear whether they escaped or were released.

Sydney siege: Hostages held in Lindt café (BBC)

Martin Place siege: Sydney CBD cafe workers held up (The Australian)

Pics: News Corp and BBC

Thanks Mark Geary