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shapeshifting-smartphone-designboom02 shapeshifting-smartphone-designboom04paddle

Raf Ramakers – a team of digital media designers from Hasselt University in Belgium are investigating the possibility of applying the compact folding mechanisms of three dimensional puzzles to create mobile touch screen devices capable of physically transforming from phones to tablets and games controllers.

Paddle is an illustrative demo of the concept.


Steve Sinofsky.

The crap Steve Jobs.

During the launch of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet in Los Angeles on Monday, Windows president Steve Sinofsky, struggles when the device appears to crash. The tablet, running Windows 8, freezes as he tries to demonstrate how the new Internet Explorer allows the user to ‘browse smoothly’. Sinofsky swaps the tablet for a working model before continuing the demonstration

Microsoft Surface: An error occurred … Windows not responding (Guardian)

(Hat tip: Stephen Rogers)