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nervoussysteminfinitypuzzle6 nervoussysteminfinitypuzzle1kleinbottle_diagram-768x432nervoussysteminfinitypuzzle2

The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle by design studio Nervous System – a 133-piece jigsaw with an image of galactic central point (taken by the Hubble telescope) on each side.

Based on the principal of the Klein bottle, an impossible 3D shape with mathematically identical inner and outer surfaces, the puzzle can be constructed in a myriad of ways.

Intriguing? Annoying?  Either way, the long winter evenings will just fly by.


samorost-3-monastery samorost-3-red-cave

Samorost 3 – an immersive game App recently released by Prague based Amanita Design (creators of the award winning Mechinarium).  Surreal, non verbal, heavily reliant on symbolism, sound design and intuition, the game is like an interactive artwork where players progress through the ecosystems of nine planets by solving increasingly difficult puzzles.

It’s no Pokemon Go.


shapeshifting-smartphone-designboom02 shapeshifting-smartphone-designboom04paddle

Raf Ramakers – a team of digital media designers from Hasselt University in Belgium are investigating the possibility of applying the compact folding mechanisms of three dimensional puzzles to create mobile touch screen devices capable of physically transforming from phones to tablets and games controllers.

Paddle is an illustrative demo of the concept.