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[The Old Crescent Rugby Football Club, Limerick last night]

That’ll Do Pig.

Kieran Ryan writes:

“Last night the Australian Tag Rugby Squad arrived in Limerick where, after a brief “international incident” during the Australian national anthem (see top), they played out a thrilling series of games against the Limerick regional tag sides. Australia proved far too strong for the Limerick Women’s and Mixed Senior teams but the Limerick Men’s and Mixed Open teams led Australia at half time in their games. The Mixed Open game was a thriller, with Limerick leading with 10 minutes to go, before Australia pounced for two late bonus tries (2 points) to run out 15-10 winners.
Today the attention turns to the International Tri Nations tournament between Ireland, Australia and Great Britain. Each nation will play each other in Men’s, Women’s, Mixed Senior and Mixed Open games. The matches kick off at 3pm in Old Crescent RFC, Limerick and run until 9pm.”


Tag Rugby ireland (Facebook)

Pics: Kieran

anthems paddy dive

Scenes from the Ireland Vs Australia tag rugby tests at the weekend in UCD Belfield.

Kieran Ryan writes:

“Ireland played Australia in a series of International Tag Rugby Tests at Uthe weekend; Men’s, Women’s, Mixed Senior (Over 30s), and Mixed Open. Each of the teams played each other twice, so there were 8 Tests in all.
Australia won both of the Women’s Tests and both of the Mixed Senior Tests but Ireland managed to defeat the Aussies in one of the Mixed Open Tests and one of the Men’s Tests. Basically, Ireland defeated Australia, the inventors of Tag Rugby and current world champions, in two International Tests which made it a very proud day indeed for Irish Tag Rugby.
The Australians will now tour Cork and Galway before arriving in Limerick on Thursday ahead of the next set of international tests which will take place in Old Crescent RFC, Dooradoyle, Limerick next Friday afternoon.”



The Brits and Aussies are coming to town for the Tri Nations Tag Series. It all kicks off TOMORROW (Saturday) in  Belfield, University College Dublin.

Kieran Ryan writes:

“Ireland beat Great Britain in last year’s International Series but the Australians, being the current world champions, are a completely different prospect so it promises to be a top class series of tag rugby…”

Further test games and the Tri Nations itself will take place in Limerick on Friday, July 11th.


Tag Rugby Super Blitz (4)Tag Rugby Super Blitz (3)Tag Rugby Super Blitz (2)Tag Rugby Super Blitz (1)

[Scenes from the The Tag Rugby ‘Super Blitz’ at Terenure RFC yesterday]


But no feely.

Kieran Ryan writes:

“The top tag rugby players from Ireland and the UK were in Dublin this weekend to take part in a 1-day Super Blitz in Terenure RFC [Dublin].
The blitz is the first in a series of events that will help decide which players represent Ireland and its regions when the Australian and Great British international teams travel to Ireland in July for the inaugural Tri-Nations Cup. More info about regional and international tag rugby can be found on our website here.


-1Nor tay neither.

Mark Cullinane writes:

We’re organising a tag rugby competition on Saturday week (June 15) in Blackrock RFC [Stradbrook Road, Blackrock, Co Dublin] with all funds raised going directly to War Child Ireland.

With the good weather at the moment I thought some of your readers might be interested in signing up.

€10 a head with mixed teams of between 8 and 12 – all levels catered for! People can drop chris.mounsey@ucdconnect.ie an email if they’d like to register a team.


War Child Ireland Tag Rugby Competition (Facebook)

War Child?

warchildWar Child International works to bring “relief to children anywhere in the world who are suffering hardship, sickness or distress as a result of war”.

War Child Ireland supports the organisation’s work with street children in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You can get an idea of how money raised will help in this short film.

War Child Ireland

Felicity writes:

In regards to one of your contributor’s posts about the ITRA [Irish Tag Rugby Association] using ridiculously sexist advertising yesterday. I received the same email and also sent a complaint via email. This is the reply I got (from a man, surprise surprise):

Thanks for the email and your thoughts on our latest marketing
campaign. Apologies if you found it offensive.
The photo shoot was organised jointly by ourselves and our Charity Partner for 2012, the Irish Heart Foundation. The campaign focus was
on the heart/love side of tag rugby, which has featured very prominently in national media over the past few months, including a piece on Grainne Seoige’s Modern Life TV show about the number of couples who have met playing tag. We actually also announced yesterday in our weekly ezine about another couple who met playing tag rugby and who are getting married in May…so we deliberately took a different angle on previous tag rugby photo shoots to focus more on the social
angle of the game rather than the playing side.
This campaign deliberately has less to do with “regulation” and more to do with “sex appeal”. Hence the reason for the model Rachel Wallace, who incidentally won ICA Bootcamp on RTE last week, and the 3 lads from the Panthers team. The campaign was to appeal to the non-tag rugby playing public, as posters featuring the models in
different poses are now in pubs and work places all over the country. We felt that a focus on the social side of the game would appeal more
to non-players. There are hundreds of photos on our website and Facebook page of female (and male) tag players, and we publish these on our weekly via our Venue Pages Photo Gallery and regular updates on Facebook, and these are also very popular with players. Thus far, both the feedback from people having noticed the ads/posters and the numbers signing up to our individual “Join a Team” service, would support the fact that the campaign has achieved its goal of appealing to the non-tag rugby playing community. Hopefully this explains our reasoning behind the campaign.

Niamh Troy writes:

I received promotional emails today from the Irish Tag Rugby Association containing some absurdly sexist pictures. I was really annoyed about this and called them to complain only to be told that I was the only one that had a problem with it. I have encouraged others who are involved in tag rugby to complain also. This link should give you an idea of what I’m talking about.