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A new form of body ink from tech startup Ephemeral creates regular looking ‘trial’ tattoos that fade after a year (or sooner).

Apparently, the molecules of traditional tattoo dyes are too large for the immune system to eliminate, hence the permanence of the mark. Ephemeral’s smaller dye molecules have a protective coating that breaks down after a year. The dye can also be neutralised by a special solution at any point.

While still testing the process, the company hopes to bring it to market by late 2017.


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Since 2006, artist Joe Magrum has been touring US cities and taking to the street with sacks of coloured sand which he sprinkles by hand to create huge temporary spiral artworks.

Each one takes up to 8 hours to complete and he estimates he’s created over 550 in the last few years. Magrum, who also paints, has exhibited in various high profile galleries and appeared on Sesame Street.

More of his work here.


park park1Dublin 2, 40 minutes ago.

One of many temporary parks installed in Dublin city today for Dublin Park(ing) Day

Apparently, it’s all about ‘taking a park for a walk’.

(Px: OIsín Kane)


molesworthA temporary park on Molesworth Street, Dublin.

Thanks Aaron

smithfieldCrazy Golf in Smithfield.

Thanks Ink Tonic

parkAnd…South William Street, Dublin.

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And the rest…

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