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The Embassy Theatre, Courtenay Place, Wellington, minutes ago

Eoin Darby writes:

It’s 9.30 am here (took this on the way to work), the stars are supposed to hit the red carpet carpet at 4.30pm.  120,000 people are expected to line the streets this evening for the red carpet! Not a cloud in the sky and expected to get to 18 degrees!

Fans start Queuing For Hobbit (Stuff.co.nz)


Eoin writes:

Midday here [11pm Irish time] This is taken [from the balcony of Irish-owned The Establishment on Courtenay Place] a few minutes ago. People getting the good seats already! Live webcam also here.

Pic Thomas Foran


Eoin writes;

Just minutes ago (1pm local time). Dermot Murphy, the owner of The Establishment is pictured (above, centre) with with his younger sister Aoife and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.


Eooin writes:

Lunchtime. It’s 24 degrees!

Final update:

Eoin writes:

The Hobbit stars, from top: Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett and Clondalkin’s Aidan Turner

Earlier this week, IMDb user brian_007 (either joking, trolling or, God forbid, neither) wrote a long comment in the IMBb message boards regarding Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, wherein he expounded his (ahem) theories about Tolkien, LOTR, and the Harry Potter series, attracting 100 comments until the post was deleted.

But not before being screencapped:

Here’s the full text:

Overall, I like Lord of the Rings. However, I do feel that Tolkien kind of rips off Harry Potter in many ways. There are several parallels, such as elves, dwarfs, wizards, goblins, trolls, magic (especially invisibility), etc. Sauron is referred to as “Dark Lord” just like Voldemort is. There is also the elder white-haired bearded wizard who serves as a mentor, Gandalf, who is reminiscent of Dumbledore. Some of the character names are similar, such as Wormtongue as opposed to Wormtail, too. There is even a gigantic spider (Shelob) at the end of “The Two Towers” that reminds one of Aragog from Chamber of Secrets. I even noticed that the plots of both series begin with the protagonists’ birthday. Now I see that Tolkien, this unoriginal bastard, is coming out with The Hobbit in December. This would be fine, but why didn’t he just write this book first to begin with? I still like Lord of the Rings, though–don’t get me wrong–but I wonder if Tolkien has ever said in interviews whether he borrowed elements from Harry Potter. I’ll be watching the extended DVDs later this week and I think he’s featured on the commentary track, so I look forward to that.


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Just-released teaser images of the first Lord Of The Rings Lego minifigs. The actual construction kits will be available from June.

Versions of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and There And Back Again closer to the release of the first film in December.

Oh my.

(Hat tip: Graeme McStabby)

The internet has practically exploded with glee at the news that next summer will see the release of official Lord of the Rings and Hobbit lego sets.

Of course, people have been making their own versions and do thinks like making a version of The Hobbit trailer:

No word as yet if they’ll do sets for the Battle of Isengard or Barad-dûr.