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LordWilmore writes:

“I know you don’t usually do this but could you see it in your heart of hearts to show off some of my Dad’s [Tom Moloney from Clonmel, Co Tipperary] work. The site is a little dated but the pics speak for themselves. I told my Dad that churches and pubs are very last century and the kids all love superheros and such now. So, with that in mind, I convinced him to turn his immensely talented hands to the world of geekdom.I present to you Stained Man (Aka Iron Man in stained glass, above) He’s planning on doing a lot more. I’m thinking Spiderman or maybe Mario…”

Stained Glass iron Man (Etsy)

robert-downey-jr-600rdjWhen 18 month-old Jaxson Denno was told that Tony Stark would be shooting a movie near his home in West Massachusetts, he was terribly excited at the prospect of meeting his ironclad hero.

Then Robert Downey Jr turned up in civvies.



Robert Downey Jr. Comforts a Child Disappointed Not to Meet Iron Man (People magazine)



The only reason to stay up for the  Super Bowl is the release of the latest trailers, of which the 3rd outing of Iron Man was the most exciting.

We could literally sit and gaze at Robert Downey Jr. all day.

Release Date: 3rd of May

[via Bleeding Cool]