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Progressive Unionist Party leader Billy Hutchinson has repeated his assertion in today’s Belfast News Letter that he has no regrets about his part in the sectarian murder of two half-brothers in 1974.

Edward Morgan (27) and Michael Loughran (18) were gunned down on the Falls Road in Belfast as they walked to work on the morning of October 21st.

During the murder trial, evidence was heard that the killers drove around and selected their victims randomly. Hutchinson served 15 years of a life sentence. He previously stated his lack of regret in Peter Taylor’s BBC documentary Loyalists in 1999 (above).

My murder of two Catholics helped prevent united Ireland – PUP leader Billy Hutchinson (Sam McBride, Belfast News Letter)


Ian Paisley addressing a crowd in January 1974:

“I say to the Dublin government Mr Faulkner says it’s hands across the border to Dublin. I say if they don’t behave themselves in the South, it will be shots across the border!”

Four months later, on the 17th of May, three car bombs detonated in Dublin and Monaghan killing 33 people, the highest death toll in a single day of the Troubles.

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In his interview with Eamonn Mallie to be shown on BBC One on Monday night, Ian Paisley when referring to the bombings is quoted as saying:

“The political leaders brought it on themselves. I was very much shocked that there was anyone going to be hurt in that way. But I mean, who brought that on themselves was the people that, their own political leaders, and they had endorsed in what their attitude to Northern Ireland, and at that time the attitude of the south government in Northern Ireland was ridiculous, so it was. I not only had nothing to do with it, but I’d said I had nothing to do with it and denounced the people who had done it… What more could I do? I took my stand. I denounced what was wrong, but I could not say to the people: ‘Just sit down and let them put a rope round your neck’.”

Dublin provoked 1974 UVF Dublin and Monaghan bombings – Paisley (Belfast Newsletter)

BZhGOFjIgAAHUVJ.jpg large BZhHu3wIMAAhjuv.jpg largeBZhQHYVIQAAktx-.jpg largeUS diplomat Meghan O’Sullivan pictured earlier at Camp Twaddell (yes) with Winston ‘Winkie’ Irvine.

Irvine was recently named by BBC’s Spotlight programme as a UVF commander.

Camp Twaddell was set up as a ‘civil rights camp’ to support loyalists who have been prevented from marching past Ardoyne shops.

Meanwhile, the Parades Commission has given the go-ahead for a loyalist parade in Belfast city centre on Saturday week.

G’wan the flegs.

Parades Commission gives go ahead to Belfast flags parade (BBC News NI)

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The UVF-linked PUP has said that there must be “safeguards” against “retribution” when dealing with the legacy of the Troubles. The party yesterday published a four-page document, ‘Transforming the legacy 2’, as Dr [Richard] Haass [US diplomat chairing all-party talks] began his work.

The postmodern document said that there could be no absolute truth about the Troubles because “truth is changeable”, arguing that there should therefore be no attempt to find “the truth” of what happened in the Troubles. It added: “There can be no attempt to use a reconciliation process to enshrine narratives about who inflicted the most and who suffered the most.”


PUP warns against any bid to find truth about the Troubles (Belfast Newsletter)

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A mural of soccer legend George Best is being replaced by a painting of a UVF gunman and the quote ‘Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed‘ in Sydenham, East Belfast.

The Best mural was created in 2010 with the help of Belfast City Council’s Peace III project with a grant of £1,500 to cover materials which itself, replaced a UVF mural at the time.

George Best mural replaced by image of UVF gunman (BBC News NI)