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A Catholic man savagely beaten by a loyalist gang wielding hatchets and iron bars last night told how he thought he “was going to die”. Dee Sturgeon (22) described the terrifying moment when up to 10 men burst into the home he shares with his Protestant girlfriend and their 11 week-old daughter in a loyalist area of west Belfast.

“They said ‘you will never be back here again you dirty Fenian bastard.’ Mr Sturgeon said he feared for his life during the brutal assault in Ballygomartin Drive around 9:30pm on Friday. The victim, originally from the Markets area of south Belfast said he was in no doubt that he was targeted because of his religion.

‘I will never feel safe in a Protestant area again’ (Connia Young, Irish News)
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Progressive Unionist Party leader Billy Hutchinson has repeated his assertion in today’s Belfast News Letter that he has no regrets about his part in the sectarian murder of two half-brothers in 1974.

Edward Morgan (27) and Michael Loughran (18) were gunned down on the Falls Road in Belfast as they walked to work on the morning of October 21st.

During the murder trial, evidence was heard that the killers drove around and selected their victims randomly. Hutchinson served 15 years of a life sentence. He previously stated his lack of regret in Peter Taylor’s BBC documentary Loyalists in 1999 (above).

My murder of two Catholics helped prevent united Ireland – PUP leader Billy Hutchinson (Sam McBride, Belfast News Letter)




The first and deputy first ministers are expected to release their shared future strategy paper for Northern Ireland later. The document – Together Building A United Community – will spell out how the barriers will be reduced between the two communities in NI.

Robinson and McGuinness to release NI ‘shared future ‘paper (BBC News NI)

BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend – Public Information (City of Culture 2013)