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A spectacular cloud installation created by events company Designlab, featuring 15,000 suspended light sticks, 65,000 Swarovski crystals, and 4,000 paper cranes designed by artist (and bride) Sheika Lateefa.

The fabulous affair was called ‘Lucid Dream’.

Full gallery here.


Your oul’ wedding reception probably didn’t even have its own name.


Fashion Sketch of Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress by Versace

“Vivienne, Knox and, indeed, all six of our children are such wonderful artists,” breathes [Angelina] Jolie, proudly wielding a finger painting of a hungry caterpillar. “And what better place to reflect their creative talents than my gown?”
At this point, [Luigi] Massi [master tailor for Atelier Versace] would have been forgiven for sobbing hysterically. The official line, however, is that he was only too happy to sew a random assortment of motorbikes, Eiffel Towers, mouse-like creatures and other “charming” artwork onto the train and veil of Jolie’s silk frock….While die-hard Brangelina fans are mooning sentimentally over this “exquisite expression of family love and dedication,” the rest of us are reaching for the sick bucket.”


Angelina’s wedding gown a gross display of parenting run amok (Jane Ridley, NewYorkPost)

(Atelier Versace)

wedstockcnocwedding view-1EdSheeranSpidjpg


Cnoc Suain, Spiddal, Connemara, Co Galway at the weekend.

“You may you’ve heard the news that Ed Sheeran was in town last weekend. He celebrated his cousin Laura Sheeran’s wedding over 3 days at Cnoc Suain, a cultural retreat in Spiddal.
The event was named ‘Wedstock’ and had a music festival theme to it, with acts such as Bell x1 and the Walls playing, an R&R tent, Ireland’s first Disco Gay Barn and much much more! Ed and his parents said it was ‘The best wedding they have ever been to’. The cottage Ed stayed is pic 3 along with a Monday morning pic of Ed and Dearbhaill Troy (above), organiser of the event and member of the family team at Cnoc Suain…”

Cnoc Suain, Spiddal