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*smacks own head*

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Monday: Big Willy Style

Via Logan’s Run

This morning.



Last night.

The Academy Awards, Los Angeles.


Following the incident…

…Will Smith was awarded an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in King Richard.

Quite the ‘night’.



Ah here.


Will Smith, currently filming Men In Black III in New York’s SoHo has parked his custom-built trailer on the street, to the chagrin of locals.

The specially designed ride, nicknamed “The Heat,” includes a lounge, a movie room with a 100-inch screen, marble floors throughout, offices for his assistants and writing staff, a large bedroom and all-granite bathroom. It measures about 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs in at around 30 tons.

“It looks bigger than my apartment!” said Brigette Moreno, 22, who lives above where the trailer was docked yesterday.

“The smell that comes along with it is disgusting. It’s like living in a gas station. I really like Will Smith, but I would be embarrassed if that was my trailer. A little modesty goes a long way.”

Adding insult to injury, Smith is renting a five-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom apartment for $25,000 a month less than a mile away.

Sadly, Will is unable to hear the complaints of locals over the sound of $20,000,000 and 20% of the gross.

The Monster That Ate SoHo (New York Post)

video: StudioRyuzo