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This morning.

Parliament Square, Westminster, London, UK.

Workers have boarded up a statue of Sir Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph ahead of weekend protests.

Black Lives Matter: Winston Churchill monument and Cenotaph boarded up as more statues removed (Sky)


Clean up this morning in Parliament Square, Westminster, London, England

On Saturday, the precise anniversary of D-Day, the statue of Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament Square was defaced with graffiti.

It had also been defaced a few days earlier, and it was defaced again on Sunday when the word “racist” was sprayed across it. On the same day, someone climbed the Cenotaph around the corner in Whitehall and attempted to burn the Union Flag decorating it.

So what extraordinary powerful force was it that was able to cut through Britain’s defences to perpetrate these extraordinary and repeated insults to the greatest generation of Britons, the ones who stood alone against Nazi Germany and then played a leading role in its defeat

Cowed and cowardly ministers must stop appeasing far-Left extremists (The Telegraph)

He was a racist, but also anti-fascist; he was fiercely anti-communist, yet carved Europe up and gifted much of it to Joseph Stalin.

Many historians have tried to make sense of the man and his times. “Churchill was a racist” is part of the truth about the man, but only a part of it.

His plinth is best left with just his name, which speaks for itself. Maybe we can all agree on that

Churchill was a politically complex man – but he was certainly a racist (Sean O’GradyIndependent.co.uk)


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A Paddy among the chaos.

Keano writes:

I returned to the madness of Parliament Square [Westminster, London] on ‘Brexit Day’ to witness, in this case, history not being made, as the UK was due to leave the EU on this day, March 29. Above is a flavor of some of that day featuring multiple protests by different groups…

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