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This morning.

Outside Dublin City Council’s offices on Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

A protest highlighting Ireland’s growing homeless and housing crisis – organised by Inner City Helping Homeless, of which Cllr Anthony Flynn (above) is founder and Andy O’Sullivan (pics one, two and three) is a volunteer – is taking place.

Top pic: Hannah Elizabeth Murphy

Yesterday: Working Rough

Sam Boal/Rollingnews



Outside The Smock Alley Theatre before (top) and at the weekend (above)

Who runs this city?

Over the weekend a bird-filled forest of trees shading the Smock Alley Theatre, Lower Exchange Street, Dublin and lining a a part of Wood Quay was denuded of branches, leaves and whatnot.

Nobody was warned.

Buzz writes:

I’ve spoken to several friends who are DCC [Dublin City Council] councillors, and friends of DCC councillors, who have ZERO idea why this was done.. Who issued the order, and who took out the work. Democracy is gas isn’t it…

Pics via Councillor Mannix Flynn

A RTE Archive Vine commemorating ‘on this day’ a 1978  Wood Quay Protest in Dublin with Mary Robinson, a stern bishop onlooker and some unhappy Viking cosplay.

Massive protests and even the discovery of priceless archaeological finds failed to halt the development of Dublin City Council’s truly grotesque, in fairness, civic offices over the former Viking settlement.

Good times.

We also lost this view:

582701_147248778749878_530458910_nVia Growing Up In The Liberties (Facebook)

Thanks Atticus