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Spotted in Strandhill, Sligo.

Annie West writes:

“Whomever commissioned, created and installed this abomination plaque has some explaining to do. We have been assured there is no connection with the County Council. This is a private commission by someone who needs to sack his/her proofreader. Spelling apart, although I have no way of proving it, I’m fairly confident in saying Queen Maeve didn’t look like Barbie either.”


Pics: Ciaran Byrne


You are invited.

To artist Annie West’s buke launch.

About Ireland’s most celebrated stalker poet.

Yeats in Love is an illustrated, semi-fictional account of WB Yeats’ obsessive yet ultimately fruitless pursuit of Maud Gonne, illustrated in detail on every painful page by award-winning Illustrator Annie West. To celebrate WB Yeats’ 150th Birthday in 2015, Annie has gathered together remarks from those who bore witness to this unfolding story- Douglas Hyde, Katherine Tynan, Lily and Lolly Yeats and others- and mixed them together with some of Yeats’ most enduring love poems.

All this and MacCoille.


Yeats In Love (New Island)

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