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Forlorn Galway guy:

Outside Croke park this afternoon for the Galway Vs Kilkenny hurling final.

Hang on.

That absurd facial topiary looks very familiar.

Hello you.

Last Sunday outside Croke Park for the Donegal Vs Mayo football final.

Damn plausible veteran tout hipster.

Pic 1:, Pic 2: Ronan Byrne

Oh, the humanity.

Usher’s Quay, Dublin.

John Gallen writes:

Not content with wiping the floor with Galway, one Kilkenny supporters’ bus brings traffic to a stand still by nearly humping some poor lady’s Micra down on Usher’s Quay…. literally 20 minutes ago. Fixed now, the traffic at least :) No one hurt..

Attack of the Forty Foot Women.

Sandycove, Co Dublin.

Before SUVs.

They called themselves the DCWIF (Dublin City Women’s Invasionary Force).

Watch here.

Thanks Sibling of Daedalus

More than 30,000 people gather along Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne, in honour of Jill Meagher.

“I think it’s touched us all because we all feel that it could have been any one of us”, said Virginia Edwards from Spotswood. “I don’t have a friend, including myself, who hasn’t gone for a drink after work and walked off alone to catch a taxi or whatever. It could’ve been our sisters, our mothers, our friends and so we are all hurting for this beautiful girl and her family.”


Thanks Mark Geary

Very Little Stars – photographed and edited by Ben Wiggins and set to “The Alley” by DeVotchKa, uses a not-terribly new but very eye-catching technique known as hyperlapse where the camera is moved while capturing shots at regular intervals to create dizzying sweeps.

Play in full screen for the full effect at around 1.30.