Rule 42.

Keeping Ireland safe from garrison games.

Anne Louise Foley writes:

Tonight on episode one of The Insiders (a new series that takes the audience behind the scenes to see how transformative events in recent history came about) we hear the inside story of the removal of the GAA’s infamous Rule 42 which saw the opening up of Croke Park to Soccer and Rugby….


The Insiders at 7pm on RTÉ One.


Remember that strangeness on Sandymount Strand in September?

It was the ‘making of’ a promotional video for Z Charge, the fiendish new “bedside solution” that can charge and store up to six electronic devices WHILE you sleep or go about your ‘business’.

It changes charges everything.

Z Charge Product designer Paula O’Connor writes:

“We have just gone live with the Z Charge on Kickstarter.com – which officially launches its Irish site today. We have been chosen for ‘Staff Picks’ on the site so are super excited and we would love it if Broadsheet readers could take a second to have a look and maybe even back us!

The Z-Charge ( Kickstarter)


What you may need to know:

1. Andre Allen is a comedian trying to reinvent himself after a series of really bad big budget comedies. Chris Rock is the triple threat of writer, director and star.

2. After Grown Ups (2010), What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012), Grown Ups 2 (2013) and a helluva lot of voiceover work, you’d wonder where Rock drew inspiration from.

3. The trailer doesn’t spell it out, but Rock and Rosario Dawson’s character will probably hook up at the end of the movie.

4. “Hammy the Bear” looks like something I’d probably watch.

5. This was shot last summer, before Tracy Morgan’s car crash. He’s still recovering.

6. Rock and Jerry Seinfeld getting pulled by the cops for speeding is only hilarious.

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: Art imitates life.

Release Date: January 16, 2015

(DelBoy is prepping the June Rodgers Christmas Show at the Red Cow. Mark blogs about film, TV and other stuff at WhyBother.ie)


The premises on a 0.68 acre site at the corner of Sir John Rogerson’s Quay and Creighton Street, Dublin.

2000-2007: Site is acquired as part of a larger proposed development assembled by Bernard McNamara and Derek Quinlan.

November 2010: Nama take control of site

June 2013: Nama sells to Urbanest [student hostels] for €7.5 million

February 2014: Planning permission for hostel refused.

March-June: Urbanest sell to a “group of private investors” for €10 million

August 2014: Hibernia Reit purchases site for €17.5 million and will form part of a ‘larger development’.

Good times.


NAMA site was sold for double the price after barely a year (Peter FlanaganIndependent)