Would you like to give them the gift of pop?

The Cheerios Childline Concert returns to 3Arena [Dublin] on Sunday November 30th, 2014 for what will be its 17th year with stars Olly Murs, Shane Filan, Hometown, Ryan Dolan, Fresh Re and more!

Tickets €45.00 (limited to 8 per transaction) went on sale yesterday.

But don’t worry

We have FOUR free tickets to giveaway.

To enter, please complete this non-threatening sentence:

‘My FOUR member DREAM Irish boyband would include__________,____________,_____________and____________’

Lines MUST close at 11.30am 1pm 1.45pm 2pm

Cheerios Childline Concert Ticket Hotline

*All parties involved with the Cheerios Childline Concert are providing their services free of charge on the night including artists, organisers and 3Arena. The complete funding of the concert goes towards the financial support and aid of the 24 hour phone-line, dedicated to helping children. Childline can be contacted by calling the freephone number 1800 66 66 66.

Thanks Joanne


Words upon metal.



Tara Robinson writes:

“I am a [Limerick-based] qualified Interior Architect but turned full time mammy just over two years ago. I have always had an interest in jewellery making and design which led me to recently discover metal stamping. Since taking up stamping I have ventured outside of the box of just jewellery making and now enjoy making all sorts of Stamped metal items .
I have been working on a range of stamped Christmas tree decorations which i think would be an ideal candidate for your ‘Irish-made stocking filler’ feature. These can be personalised with any wording required provided that it fits on the piece. If you wish to see more of my work or would like an order to be delivered they can check out my Facebook (below). Thank you

Tara Robinson Designs (Facebook)

Irish-Made stocking fillers to marked irish-Made Stocking Fillers. No fee just nuzzles.


The email [below] gently plopped into our inbox this morning.

It may be a scurrilous trick or, indeed, a delicious treat.

Either way Chompsky we felt it worth sharing for the day that’s in it.


Anon writes:

1. They had a meeting on Tuesday (4 people in the room) they are going to put out that they are not metering. Person of 1 in a house will be sent a bill of €176.00, two people or more doesn’t matter how many they will be charged €276.00 per year, this will be released today id say, Now they are not going to mention that this is only for 2015/2016 to get the government through the election,from 2017 it will be metering and that will be over €500 per year. So we will be back to square one,
2. They have not received over 700,000 letters back it’s more like 600,00 now this IS including the no consent forms, they actually don’t know how many have signed up because ALL the letters are in a warehouse in Cork, so people that have filled in the forms, their PPS details are in an unsupervised warehouse. The reason being is because people sent back sh*t and bangers and other stuff in the letters,
3. The CEO’s contract was only ever 18 months and he will be paid 350k to leave…



(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)


What you may need to know:

1. Young coder Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) is selected to participate in an experiment by evaluating the human qualities of a breakthrough in artificial intelligence created by Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac).

2. This is Alex Garland’s first film as director, having previously written The Beach (2000), 28 Days Later (2002) and Sunshine (2007).

3. @1:31 – where do the batteries go?

4. The US trailer is a little more spoilerific. A little too spoilerific to be honest.

5. The next time Gleeson and Isaac will appear together will be in something called Star Wars: Episode VII. Nope – me neither.

6. Broadsheet Prognosis: Blade Runner (1982) meets Her (2013).

Release Date:  January 23, 2015.

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