Budi the orangutan [top] is recovering after almost a year of serious neglect. The tiny ape spent the first 10 months of his life in a chicken coop and was severely malnourished after surviving only on condensed milk. Before his rescue, Budi was a family pet in Ketapang, Indonesia. The milk alone couldn’t provide the nutrients the growing orangutan needed to properly develop. Eventually, the family realised that Budi was very ill and turned him over to authorities…

Budi the orangutan is recovering after almost a year of neglect (Tricia Gilbride, Mashable)


Cavan Cola.

And readers of the Anglo-Celt newspaper.

A fizzy, syrupy, sticky alliance.

A campaign to ‘Bring Back Cavan Cola’ was launched in 2007 by Conor Lynch from connector.ie. It gained thousands of followers on social networking sites Facebook and Bebo at the time and gained wide media attention, local and national, including from the BBC. T-shirts were even printed.
Lynch was quoted at the time as saying: “Cavan has been robbed of its identity, its lifeblood and we want it back! Imagine Kerry with no butter!”
To date, the parent company Finches has resisted attempts to bring back Cavan Cola. Could they be persuaded otherwise?

Why won’t they do it?


Is It Time To Bring Back Cavan Cola (The Anglo-Celt)

Cavan Cola artowrk by wordbird.ie as featured on our ‘Old Masters post.



following his ‘controversial’ [link below] plea yesterday for COMMON SENSE in any new firearm regulations.

Firearms expert Mark Dennehy writes:

You might enjoy one of the lighter moments from the day, when the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice decided not to jail Santa under the Firearms Act :)

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