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At The High Court, London.

Actor Johnny Depp’s dining table in Los Angeles, USA taken at some point in 2013 reportedly before lunch.

Pot Noodles (out of picture).

A pint of whisky and four lines of cocaine for lunch: Johnny Depp’s libel trial is shown a picture taken by Amber Heard of his skull and crossbones ‘pill box’ and mountain of drugs and alcohol (Mail Online)

Pic via Mail Online

On the occasion of Johnny Depp’s 48th birthday (which was yesterday), Ranker compiled an illustrated list of the seven greatest (true) Johnny Depp stories ever told. Perhaps you never knew that he:

Financed Hunter S. Thompson’s funeral, entirely.

Once stopped a mugging with a single look.

Adopted the one-eyed horse used in Sleepy Hollow, thereby saving it from the glue factory.

And, FTW:

Wrecked a New York hotel room in 1994. Blamed it on an armadillo.

The 7 Greatest (True) Johnny Depp Stories Ever Told (Ranker)